The Mithraic Liturgy – Saturday July 5th

Mithras Slaying the BullA group ritual performance of the 4th century Mithraic Liturgy, among the oldest extant ritual manuscripts known. We will be performing the group adaptation of the classic G.R.S. Mead translation as given in the Grimoire of Aleister Crowley.

We will begin with a talk on the historical background to the ritual, then perform the ritual itself. Setup will begin from 17.00, volunteers to help set up would be welcome.

This is a fully participatory ritual and can get very loud. Please bring an amulet or magical item with you and preferably also a percussion instrument if you can (anything from gongs and tom-toms to shakers or even pots and pans); as well as food for the ritual banquet. Food appropriate to the ancient Roman or Persian civilisations would be best, as would anything made from beef.

Open to all OTO initiates and guests. Please RSVP or contact us at if you wish to attend.

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