Public Lecture & Workshop: Thelemic Boot Camp on April 4th

Robe of LightThelema means “Will” in Greek, and those who study it develop personal practice in order to manifest their Will in their daily lives. While this can take any form, there are certain rituals and instructions which are known to give measurable effect in a short time.

This “Boot Camp” consists of using the daily four-fold adoration of the Sun, known as Liber Resh, and a pentagram ritual to bring oneself into connection with the Will, known as Liber Reguli, or the Mark of the Beast Ritual. The set concludes with pranayama and mantrayoga, which help to still the mind and actualise goals.

The group will be led through a thorough explanation of these key practices, and then hold a group discussion on the development of a mantra for pursuit of one’s Will.

After a short break, the group will focus on the Mark of the Beast ritual, and take part together in an adapted form of this ritual.

Please contact us for more information.

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