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OTO Ireland

Khephra Oasis Meeting 28 Jan

Khephra Oasis will be holding its latest “Magick in Theory & Practice” meeting on Saturday Jan 28th. It’s a pretty full schedule, so do be there on time! 13:00 – Brief lecture on Liber Resh 13:30 – An open discussion on Liber Resh 14:00 – A group performance of Resh in all four quarters 14:20 […]

EGC Baptismal Event

On Saturday December 17 the work of Eccelsia Gnostica Catholica in Ireland took a major step forward when Bishop Tau Orpheus presented an EGC Workshop attended by several Brethren. The day began with a seminar on the work of EGC which everyone found very useful; and continued with a celebration of the Breaking of Bread […]