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The Assembly of the Brethren: ‘Unimaginable Joys on Earth’

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The United Kingdom Grand Lodge of O.T.O. (UKGL) is holding its Assembly of the Brethren National Gathering on the 18th and 19th of November 2017 e.v. The theme this year is: ‘Unimaginable Joys on Earth’. The Assembly of the Brethren is a national event […]

Introduction to O.T.O. and E.G.C. – 15th July 2017

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Cúchulainn Oasis will host a day of introductory material on Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.) on Saturday 15th July 2017 e.v. in Dublin City Centre. O.T.O. is an international magical fraternity that performs regular private ceremonial initiations into its mysteries. […]

‘Magick of the Gnostic Mass’ Workshops – 29th April 2017 & 6th May 2017

Cúchulainn Oasis will host two workshops on Liber XV – The Gnostic Mass, the central public and private ritual of O.T.O. and E.G.C. The first workshop, which takes place on the evening of Saturday 29th April 2017 e.v. in Dublin, will be primarily theoretical, focusing on the layers of symbolism in this Eucharistic ritual. The […]

Feast for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law – 8th April 2017

Cúchulainn Oasis will be celebrating the Feast for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law in Dublin on Saturday 8th April 2017 e.v. This Feast marks the 113th anniversary of the reception of Liber AL vel Legis: The Book of the Law and concludes the Thelemic Holy Season for this […]

Minerval Initiations – 25th March 2017

Cúchulainn Oasis will perform initiations into the Minerval Degree (0°) of the Man Of Earth Triad on Saturday 25th of March 2017 e.v. in Dublin. Attendance at this event is strictly limited to candidates for initiation and those who already hold at least the Minerval Degree of Ordo Templi Orientis. The latter are encouraged to attend this ceremony to […]

Equinox Celebration and Magick Study Group – 18th March 2017

Cúchulainn Oasis will be celebrating the Spring Equinox, the point in the Solar calendar when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, on Saturday 18th March 2017 e.v. in Dublin. The Sun entering Aries marks the start of the New Year in Thelema. It is traditionally celebrated by Thelemites as ‘The Feast for the Equinox […]

Sex and Sex Magick in the Victorian Age – 21st January 2017

Sex and Sex Magick in the Victorian Age, a lecture by Dr. Richard Kaczynski. The 19th and early 20th centuries were a hotbed of discourse on intercourse which spilled over into religion and esotericism. Beginning with the seminal works of Gnostic saints Richard Payne Knight, J.G.R. Forlong, Richard Burton and Hargrave Jennings, we’ll uncover both the […]

First Degree Initiations: 19th November, 2016 e.v.

Initiations into the First Degree (I°) of the Man Of Earth Degrees of OTO will take place on the 19th of November in Dublin. Attendance at this event is limited to candidates and initiated members only. The latter are encouraged to attend the ceremony to welcome and congratulate our newly made Men and Brothers, and Women […]

Friday Night Magick: The Delicious Languor of the Magical Retirement by Sister Hypatia

Sept. – Oct. 2006 saw the manifestation of Sr. Hypatia’s vision to complete a magical retreat lasting a lunar month. This lecture discusses the scheduling, design, and implementation of the process that led to the ritual, and how a modern magician may realize a similar aspiration in their own spiritual development. From funding the time […]

Friday Night Magick: Thoth Tarot & Daily Magick Fundamentals (26th August 2016)

In this class, Cúchulainn Oasis will present an approachable and accessible discussion of two important magical topics. The first part will explore the Thoth Tarot, one of Aleister Crowley’s most popular contributions to contemporary occultism. The emphasis in this class will be on the novel innovations that Crowley introduced in his Tarot deck, as compared […]