Membership of Cuchulain Oasis

Taking an initiation at Cuchulain Oasis automatically makes one a member of O.T.O. (or, in the case of the Minerval initiation, a ‘welcome guest’ of O.T.O.).

However, this does not automatically make one a member of Cuchulain Oasis.

In fact, O.T.O. initiates are not required to be members of any particular local body. Indeed, one may be a full member of O.T.O. without also being a member of a local body. Nevertheless, O.T.O. is a fraternal organization and a social order, and most initiates opt to become members of a local body. Cuchulain Oasis is the only duly chartered O.T.O. local body on the island of Ireland.

Membership of Cuchulain Oasis confers a number of privileges and benefits, including:

  • Opportunities to attend initiation ceremonies performed by the Oasis
  • Opportunities to fulfill officer roles in rituals performed by the Oasis, such as the initiation ceremonies of O.T.O. and The Gnostic Mass of E.G.C.
  • Discounted admission to open Oasis events (e.g. lectures, talks)
  • Regular notifications of Oasis events and business via email
  • The right to attend quarterly Oasis business meetings
  • An invitation to join the private online discussion forum of the Oasis
  • Additional ad hoc benefits, such as discounts on items sold by the Oasis (e.g. books)


In order to become a member of Cuchulain Oasis, one must:

  1. Be a dues-current initiate member of O.T.O. (of at least the Minerval Degree)
  2. Be in good standing with both O.T.O. and Cuchulain Oasis (i.e. on bad report with neither)
  3. Pay monthly local dues to Cuchulain Oasis


Membership of Cuchulain Oasis is a privilege, not a right. O.T.O. initiates who wish to become members of Cuchulain Oasis are invited to directly address their request for membership to the Oasis Master via

O.T.O. members in good standing who are not members of Cuchulain Oasis are of course still welcome to attend open Oasis events (at a partially discounted rate of admission) and may request invitations to private events such as initiations.