Suggested Reading List


Thelemic Ethics:

Liber XV – The Gnostic Mass:


  • Magick: Liber ABA – Book IV (Parts 1 – 4), by Aleister Crowley. This masterpiece on the subject contains everything from the most basic magical techniques to the most advanced, along with essential information on the theory fundamental to magical and mystical practice. The serious student of Magick will find themselves returning to this volume many times. Available online at
  • Eight Lectures On Yoga by Aleister Crowley – An accessible and succinct work on meditation, which is complementary to the use of Magick (and indeed strengthens and refines the mental focus required for Magick) within much Thelemic practice. Available online at
  • The Magick of Aleister Crowley by Lon Milo DuQuette (also known as The Magick of Thelema) – A rather more accessible and portable book on the rituals detailed in Liber ABA. Both an excellent adjunct to that and ideal for beginners, although it does not contain any information on meditation.