Minerval Class – Sunday March 27th

thoth_star_bAn in-depth class on the Minerval initiation ritual of OTO. We will be walking through the ritual, learning how to perform it, and examining its symbolism in detail. Highly recommended for any new initiate into OTO, or indeed, any member wishing to learn more about the fundamental rites of the Order.

This will be held at our Dublin location, and given that this class will be dealing with private aspects of OTO rituals, it will be open to OTO initiates only.

Friday Night Magick: Invocation of Horus – March 18th

Nefertari led by Horus before Ra-Harakhte and HathorFor the Spring Equinox our magick class this month is the Invocation of Horus.

Since the ritual also features the use of a set of Thelemic rosary beads, we may well be making those as part of the evening – so feel free to bring any bead making gear you may have.

This event will be held at our Dublin location and is open to all OTO members and invited guests.

Friday Night Magick – January 22

Fuller MagickDaily Magick: The fundamentals of Magick and Yoga in the system of Thelema

In this first of a series of classes on the fundamental methods of Aleister Crowley’s Magick and the basics of Raja Yoga, Cúchulainn Oasis will present an approachable, accessible and practical exploration of topics, including the essential techniques of meditation and ritual: the means by which daily life may be exalted to the heights of spiritual attainment.

Friday January 22, 18.30-21.30 in the Gallery room at The Lantern Centre, 15 Synge Street, Dublin. Suggested donation to cover our room hire costs: 10 Euro waged, 5 Euro unwaged & OTO members. For info contact us at info@oto-ie.org

Breaking of Bread Ritual & EGC Priestess Ordination (Oct 3rd)

The InitiatrixWe are delighted to announce that OTO Ireland will host the ordination of two new Priestesses of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica at our Breaking of Bread ritual on Saturday afternoon, October 3rd. This event will be open to all members of OTO & EGC and invited guests, please contact us for details.

Ask the OTO (Oct. 3rd)

527942_4455884804159_16806530_nWe will be holding an informal Question & Answer session for members of the public on Saturday October 3rd at 17.00 in our Dublin location, featuring a panel comprised of some of the leading members of OTO from across Europe. Please contact us if you wish to attend.

Friday Night Magick: Goetia – The Magick of King Solomon the Wise (11th September)

faust-11An introduction to the evocation of demons as supposedly practised by King Solomon, and made famous by Aleister Crowley at the beginning of the 20th century.

For more info please contact OTO Ireland.

Source material available for download here:


Friday Night Magick: Qabalah in Theory & Practice (14th August)

Tree of Life David TonatoAn interactive introduction to the magical Qabalah.

The Qabalah has grown from its roots in Jewish mysticism to become one of the foundations of Hermetic Magick. The modern Tarot is based on it, as are the Degrees and Grades of many magical Orders, such as the Golden Dawn and OTO.

In this class we will present the basic concepts of Qabalah, and begin an exploration of the Tree of Life.

Presented by OTO members at our Dublin location. For further into please contact OTO Ireland.

Source material:



The Magick of Aleister Crowley – Friday 26th June

Aleister Crowley PortraitOrdo Templi Orientis in Ireland presents:

The Magick of Aleister Crowley

An introductory class on Aleister Crowley and his magical system

Aleister Crowley holds a unique place in the history of Western magick. Although his name is well-known, his work has been frequently misinterpreted in the past. However in recent years he has begun to receive recognition as a seminal figure in the world of occultism, and his work and magick are being re-examined and welcomed by a new generation of esoteric scholars.

This class will provide an overview of Crowley’s magical system of Thelema and act an an introduction to a forthcoming monthly series.

A donation of €5 is suggested to help the work of OTO. (Free to OTO members)

This event will be held in our location in Dublin on Friday 26th June, 18.30-21.30. Please contact info@oto-ie.org for details.

The Journal of Thelemic Studies: The Mysteries of the Gnostic Mass

The Journal of Thelemic Studies

The Journal of Thelemic Studies

Some excellent authors and articles in this latest issue of The Journal of Thelemic Studies, which we highly recommend for those interested in participating in our forthcoming Gnostic Masses in Dublin.

Thanks for Brother IAO131 for his continuing editorship of this outstanding publication.

Man of Earth Initiations

InitiatrixOTO Ireland will be holding initiations into the Iº and IIº of OTO on Saturday May 9 at our Dublin temple. As always, all OTO members are welcome to attend and welcome our new initiates, so please contact us for details if you would like to come.