Greetings of the Equinox

Thanks to all who attended our Equinox celebration on March 17th. Despite it being new to most of the attendees, the Invocation of Horus was very powerful and effective, and highly enjoyed by everyone. The feast afterwards was spectacular too. We were particularly happy to welcome several non-members to celebrate with us. Our next two scheduled meetings are for OTO initiates only, but we hope to have more open meetings very soon.

May 5th – Man of Earth Initiations

On May 5th we will be performing another round of initiations into the Minerval, I* and II* Degrees of OTO. We should have received all applications for initiation on this date already, so if you would like to be considered for initiation for then, please contact us immediately. All members are encouraged to attend to welcome our new Sisters and Brothers into our Holy Order.

April 14th – Initiation Class

A full day class for all OTO initiates in which we will go through the Degrees from Minerval to II*. If you would like to be an officer for future initiations you must attend this class, but all who have undergone initiation will find the class useful for increasing their understanding of our Degree system. Members only – please RSVP to

March 17th – Invocation of Horus

On March 17th we will be celebrating the Equinox (a little early) by performing the Invocation of Horus by Aleister Crowley at our Cavan location. This ritual is a commemoration of the anniversary of Crowley’s successful performance of it in Cairo, which brought about the opening of the New Æon. Crowley actually began the invocation ceremony around 10:00 PM on Saturday, March 19, 1904, and completed it just after midnight.

This event is open to all members and invited guests, so if you would like to come along, please contact us. A detailed explanation of the ritual can be found here.


Magick in Theory & Practice

Many thanks to all who made it along to the meeting on Saturday;  particularly great to see so many new faces.  A very informative and stimulating day it was, performing and analysing both Liber Resh and The Ritual of the Mark of The BeastThe Liber Resh lecture will be posted on the member’s forum shortly for those who were unable to attend.

To offer topic suggestions for future meetings or if you would be interested in attending,  please contact us.

Minerval Initiations Feb 4th

Khephra Oasis will be holding initiations into the Minerval Degree of OTO on Saturday 4th of February. All members are welcome to attend, please contact the Oasis for more details.

Khephra Oasis Meeting 28 Jan

Khephra Oasis will be holding its latest “Magick in Theory & Practice” meeting on Saturday Jan 28th. It’s a pretty full schedule, so do be there on time!

  • 13:00 – Brief lecture on Liber Resh
  • 13:30 – An open discussion on Liber Resh
  • 14:00 – A group performance of Resh in all four quarters
  • 14:20 – A group performance of ‘The Ritual of the Mark of The Beast’ followed by discussion
  • 15:45 – General discussion on the Magick in Theory and Practice meetings and how they should progress
  • 16:30 – Oasis Admin
  • 17:00 – Any other business
  • 17:30 – Feasting and meeting potential candidates for initiation

For attendance details please contact us.

EGC Baptismal Event

On Saturday December 17 the work of Eccelsia Gnostica Catholica in Ireland took a major step forward when Bishop Tau Orpheus presented an EGC Workshop attended by several Brethren. The day began with a seminar on the work of EGC which everyone found very useful; and continued with a celebration of the Breaking of Bread ritual. T Orpheus also performed several Baptisms into EGC. and it is planned to follow these up with Confirmations into the Church later in 2012, so that the new members of the Church may act as officers in forthcoming Gnostic Masses.

In all, a very fulfilling day that has laid the groundwork for the future development of EGC in Ireland.