‘Magick of the Gnostic Mass’ Workshops – 29th April 2017 & 6th May 2017

Cuchulain Oasis will host two workshops on Liber XV – The Gnostic Mass, the central public and private ritual of O.T.O. and E.G.C.

The first workshop, which takes place on the evening of Saturday 29th April 2017 e.v. in Dublin, will be primarily theoretical, focusing on the layers of symbolism in this Eucharistic ritual.

The second workshop, on Saturday 6th May 2017 e.v., will be primarily practical, concerning the performance of the ritual.

These workshops are open to all members of O.T.O. and E.G.C. in Ireland. For more details, please contact the Oasis Secretary.

Individuals who are not members of O.T.O. or E.G.C., but who are still interested in attending these workshops, should email info@oto-ie.org requesting an invitation.

Those who plan to attend should confirm their attendance in advance with the Oasis Secretary.

Feast for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law – 8th April 2017

Cuchulain Oasis will be celebrating the Feast for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law in Dublin on Saturday 8th April 2017 e.v.

Feast for the Three Days of the Writing of The Book of The Law: Hosted by Cuchulain Oasis O.T.O.

This Feast marks the 113th anniversary of the reception of Liber AL vel Legis: The Book of the Law and concludes the Thelemic Holy Season for this year, which began at the Vernal Equinox.

We will celebrate this most Holy of Thelemic Feasts by performing Liber XXV – The Star Ruby and Liber XXXVI – The Star Sapphire, followed by a reading of Liber AL vel Legis: The Book of the Law. After the rituals and reading are concluded, we will go for a meal together and continue the festivities.

This event is open to members of Ordo Templi Orientis who are of Minerval degree and above. Members should confirm their attendance in advance with the Oasis Secretary (via email or Facebook messenger). The Oasis Secretary will inform confirmed attendees of the time and location of the event. 

If you are a member of O.T.O. who wishes to attend this event, please contact info@oto-ie.org

Minerval Initiations – 25th March 2017

OTO Degrees and ChakrasCuchulain Oasis will perform initiations into the Minerval Degree (0°) of the Man Of Earth Triad on Saturday 25th of March 2017 e.v. in Dublin.

Attendance at this event is strictly limited to candidates for initiation and those who already hold at least the Minerval Degree of Ordo Templi Orientis. The latter are encouraged to attend this ceremony to welcome our new guests into the Oasis.

Invitations informing members and candidates of the location and time will be sent out by email shortly. Members should confirm their attendance in advance with the Oasis Secretary.

If you are a member of O.T.O. who wishes to attend this event, but have not received an invitation by email, please contact info@oto-ie.org

Equinox Celebration and Magick Study Group – 18th March 2017

Cuchulain Oasis will be celebrating the Spring Equinox, the point in the Solar calendar when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, on Saturday 18th March 2017 e.v. in Dublin.

The Sun entering Aries marks the start of the New Year in Thelema. It is traditionally celebrated by Thelemites as ‘The Feast for the Equinox of the Gods’ to commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of the Aeon of Horus. To celebrate this event, Frater Serpens Paradisi will perform a reading of Liber Tzaddi, which in Hermetic Qabalah is associated with the astrological sign of Aries.

The event will also include a study group and discussion on the following practices of Thelemic Magick:

  • Liber Resh, a solar adoration performed four times daily by Thelemic magicians
  • Employing portions of The Holy Books of Thelema in personal workings of ceremonial magick

This event is open to all members of Ordo Templi Orientis and invited guests of the Oasis. Members and invited guests should confirm their attendance in advance with the Oasis Secretary.

Non-members who wish to come along to find out more about O.T.O., Magick, and Thelema, should email info@oto-ie.org or contact the Oasis via Facebook.

Suggested donation (to assist with expenses for the event):

€5 for O.T.O. members

€10 for non-members

Sex and Sex Magick in the Victorian Age – 21st January 2017

Sex and Sex Magick in the Victorian Age, a lecture by Dr. Richard Kaczynski.

The 19th and early 20th centuries were a hotbed of discourse on intercourse which spilled over into religion and esotericism. Beginning with the seminal works of Gnostic saints Richard Payne Knight, J.G.R. Forlong, Richard Burton and Hargrave Jennings, we’ll uncover both the literature and practice of sacred sexuality as it sprung up before and beside Ordo Templi Orientis.

Come one, come all to hear goodies about:

• the Golden Dawn’s favorite sexual mystic, Thomas Lake Harris, who taught about breathing exercises, group marriage, and the fairies living in your breasts

• the sexual mischief of Golden Dawn wanna-be’s Madame and Theo Horos

• the less than Rosy relationship between sex magick pioneers Hargrave Jennings and Paschal Beverly Randolph

• Carl Kellner’s encounter with sacred sexuality and its entry into Ordo Templi Orientis

• the unlikely two degrees of separation between Aleister Crowley and New York tantric initiator Oom the Omnipotent (and it doesn’t involve Kevin Bacon)

• Ida Craddock’s tell-all book about her marriage to an angel with godlike technique

• Clément du Saint-Marcq’s strange yet compelling argument for what really happened at the Last Supper.


Richard Kaczynski is the author Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (2010), which the Times Literary Supplement deemed “the major biography to date” of the Beast. He has also written Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis (2012), The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley (2009), and the novel The Billionth Monkey (2015), among others. He has also contributed to the anthologies A Rose Veiled in Black, Success Is Your Proof, Tarot in Culture, Mathematics in Popular Culture, and Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism.

Since 1990, he has lectured internationally on these and other topics and has been featured in the television documentaries Secrets of the Occult (2006) and Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (2007). By day, Richard is a social psychologist, biostatistician and research scientist whose 1993 doctoral dissertation examined metaphysical beliefs and experiences among occult practitioners.


OTO Members €10
Non-members €12

The Teacher’s Club, 36 Parnell Square W, Rotunda, Dublin 1

Saturday, 21st January 2017, 7pm – 9pm

December events


On the afternoon of Saturday 10 December, we will be holding a class exploring and unpacking the layers of symbolism within the Minerval Degree initiation ceremony of Ordo Templi Orientis, where discussion of the individual’s experience is encouraged, as well exploring the ritual within the wider contexts of the OTO system, the Western esoteric tradition, and the daily life of the practising magician. Please note that this class is restricted to OTO initiates of the Minerval degree or higher.

However, at 5 pm, we will convene in a social location where non-initiates are welcome to attend, meet us, and ask any questions.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us at this email address: info@oto-ie.org.

Congratulations to our new initiates


Congratulations to our two newly initiated Women and Sisters and two newly initiated Men and Brothers!

First Degree Initiations: 19th November, 2016 e.v.

The Hierophant

Initiations into the First Degree (I°) of the Man Of Earth Degrees of OTO will take place on the 19th of November in Dublin.

Attendance at this event is limited to candidates and initiated members only. The latter are encouraged to attend the ceremony to welcome and congratulate our newly made Men and Brothers, and Women and Sisters.

Friday Night Magick: A Hermit Amongst the Heathens by Brother Palamedes Ardentis


A Hermit Amongst the Heathens: A Thelemic Perspective of the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Having attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 2015, Frater Palamedes Ardentis will deliver a report of the esteemed conference, along with offering the Thelemic perspective of its main objectives and answering any questions that local members may have about the Parliament. The case will also be made that in order for Thelema to catapault itself to a proper world religious/philosophical system, we must enter the wider scheme of inter-religious dialogue, greater humanitarian efforts, and a visible and strong presence at events such as the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Frater Palamedes Ardentis, also known as Brother Pablo, considers himself many things, including performer, poet, wild fanboy, sometimes scholar/always student, agitator, bard-magus, and whatever else he comes up with. A true lover of Freedom and Passion, he champions love and unity, liberty and danger, creativity and aesthetics. Initiated into the OTO in 2014 at Scarlet Woman Lodge in the Valley of Austin in Texas, he has dedicated his passion and will towards aiding the goals of this esteemed organization. Amongst other things, he’s a cinephile, voracious reader, an insatiable student of the esoteric and an avid gamer (tabletop/video). Born alongside the Panama Canal, he strangely does not like extreme heat and views his perfect weather to be something akin to Fimbulwinter, but he definitely is a child of the Caribbean, with all of its mystic glory, tropical paradises and delicious culinary trappings. Pablo spends his time traversing various underground and subcultural communities, ranging from Science-Fiction and Fantasy fandom, unsanctioned parties and kink events to Underground Rap and radical bookstores to, of course, magical lodges and mystic circles.

Location: The Teacher’s Club, 36 Parnell Square W, Dublin 1

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm, 14th October 2016

Suggested Donation: €10

Please feel free to contact us with any relevant questions.

Friday Night Magick: The Delicious Languor of the Magical Retirement by Sister Hypatia

Septhepriestesst. – Oct. 2006 saw the manifestation of Sr. Hypatia’s vision to complete a magical retreat lasting a lunar month. This lecture discusses the scheduling, design, and implementation of the process that led to the ritual, and how a modern magician may realize a similar aspiration in their own spiritual development. From funding the time off work to hot outfits for sex magick to the strict daily discipline of the Work itself, this lecture explores the beauty of creating space for a break in one’s life as well as the strength it takes to pull off a major magical operation.

Soror Hypatia (or Tau Asteria) has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis since 1995. She served as Master of William Blake Lodge from 2001 – 2008 and USGL EGC Secretary from 2008 – 2011. Presently, she serves in the capacities of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, High Priestess of Infinite Stars Chapter of Rose Croix, and a member of the USGL Supreme Grand Council.

As a speaker, she has lectured on topics including the Gnostic Mass, Tarot, astrology, initiation, ritual construction, fund raising, and event management. Recently, she was interviewed for the Stooping Starlight podcast episodes The Scarlet Woman Speaks, discussing her views on Babalon, the Scarlet Woman, and EGC; and My Secret Centre, describing her magical retirement. She has presented at OTO bodies all over the US; and internationally, she has lectured in Sydney, Oslo, Vancouver, and London.

Location: The Teacher’s Club, 36 Parnell Square W, Dublin 1

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm, 23rd September 2016

Suggested Donation: €10